Faith has starred in numerous films, information can be viewed on her IMDb

Following working on numerous films, Faith was inspired to start her own production company “Faithful films”.

Beginning by creating her fantasy short film “The Whisperings” for “The Big Brighton Film Challenge”, (which she wrote, produced and starred in). This film, shot from land, sea and sky, on 6 different cameras (including 2 drones and 2 underwater cameras) went on to premiere on “Latest TV” in February 2017 and is still regularly screened on this TV channel.

Since “The Whisperings”, Faith wrote, directed, produced and starred in dark comedy “Change of Heart” (currently in post production).

Faith then teamed up with award winning filmmaker Patrick Ryder of “Little Glass Films” to produce and star in dark comedy “In Flight” (set entirely on an ex-working aeroplane at “Black Hangar Studios”) which is available on AMAZON PRIME here

Faithful films then went on to co-produce feature film “Dragonflies only live for 24hours”, which Faith also plays the role of “Velvet”, a high end escort.
Dragonflies premiered at BAFTA195 in November 2018 and has gone on to win numerous indie film festival awards.

They are currently seeking distribution for it’s release. For more information check out the Dragonflies website

After recently completing short “WATCHED”, which explores de-sentitatison and entitlement in this thriller/horror, Faithful films are currently working with two different independent production companies, seeking funding for horror feature film “#SwipeRight” and British drama “Tell me Why”.

Contact for more information: JusthaveFaith@live.co.uk 

Currently in development for Faithful Films is feature film script “HONEY”, short film script “HOME” and short drama “BUNNY”.

“HONEY” is a romantic action story following a honeytrapping vixen as she seduces unfaithful lovers in an attempt to seek revenge on the haunting the mistakes from her past.

“HOME” is currently a short film script, written by Chantelle Duste, tacking post natal depression and psychosis, that she and Faith have been working on together.
The team are planning to develop this script into a thriller into a feature script and are seeking funding for the feature film.

Faithful films also plan to make short drama film “BUNNY” (based on Faiths true story this film tells of loss and love through the toy bunnies eyes)

Also on the slate is treatment of dark comedy TV series “DISASTROUS DATING” (based on true stories, these romantic but dark comedies follow unbelievable, but completely factual, disastrous dating adventures).

In 2018 Faith was inspired to start project “Yes She Cannes”. This project, which central focus is at Cannes Film Festival, aims to “Celebrate, Empower and Inspire women in the film industry”.

To read full details see the website:


“I like to keep busy and challenge myself.
I think it’s important to push the boundaries of what people tell us is possible. I hope to get involved in more projects to expand my showreel and gain more valuable experience (so if your casting something, please do get in touch! I won’t bite- hard!)
Thanks again for taking an interest, feel free to have a nosey around!”
Faith Elizabeth


 “Choose a life without Fear. Just Have Faith”


Faith Elizabeth is a Sussex based Actress who begun acting in theatre from a young age. In 2003, aged 12, Faith and a group of friends decided to stage their own production of “The Lion King”, performing at a local hall and raising money for “Born Free”.

Her love of this performance inspired her to apply to “Act Too Productions”, an amateur production company which staged musicals at local theatres.
Having little musical ability, but strong acting skills, Faith was welcomed to perform with “Act Too” for over 5 shows (her favourites being “Bugsey Malone” and “Me and My Girl”) . She was always cast in roles which utilised her acting skills and had minimal singing/dance elements. Following this “Act Too” opened “Act Too Stage School” (now known as “Act Too Academy”) where Faith was awarded a 2 year scholarship and went to on be voted “Head Girl” of the Horsham school.

Faith continued her love of Acting in her GCSE’s, she would often sneak out of other lessons to practice her performances and was happiest when writing, performing or rehearsing in the Drama studios. Faith wrote strong pieces for her groups including an immersive piece set in a mental asylum (where she played a mentally disturbed patient who believed her doll was her recently deceased baby) and an abstract adaption of “The Metamorphosis”, earning her A* grading and high praise for her work.

Whilst still in school Faith was also awarded DISTINCTION by “Guild Hall & Trinity Performing Arts” for her lead role of “Antigone” in “The Oedipus Plays”.

Sadly Faith suffered a sever back injury at age 16, forcing her to drop out of her Performing Arts college course and residing her to her bed for several years. Suffering from immense pain and side effects of high medication, Faith was advised by numerous doctors that she would “never work” and “never have a normal life” due to her chronic back pain and slipped discs in her spine. This caused Faith to suffer from severe depression and suicidal thoughts, forcing her deeper into despair. Also during this time she was suffering from an abusive relationship; her future seemed bleak.

However the biggest blessing fell on her at aged 19 when she discovered she was pregnant as this gave her new purpose and inspired her to believe she could overcome all her challenges. Her daughter was born in August 2011 and brought so much love and light into Faith’s life.

Faith fell pregnant again in 2012, but sadly miscarried this child October 2012.
This heartbreaking devastation changed her life, once again hurtling her into an unexpected direction.

She decided to attempt to break into the professional acting world in 2013 by gaining valuable on set experience, working in featured roles on productions such as playing a “CIA Agent” in “24:LAD”, “handsome kissing couple” in “Endeavour” and a “drunk wedding guest” in “Holy City” and working as a body double and stand in for “Nicole Kidman”.

Faith also took several short acting courses, to further improve her skills, including courses with “RADA”, “Actors Centre” and an intensive course with “The Actors Temple”.

Faith met many influential people during this time, striking up friendships with many directors on sets which she worked as an supporting artist on. She was fortunate to have meaningful discussions which influenced her future career with many of the directors including “Danny Boyle” (although now she mostly remembers talking with him in great depth about his love of cashmere socks!).
One of her most influential relationships was with Hammer Films director “Simon Oakes”.

“I met Simon on the set of  ‘The Woman in Black 2′. I was playing an extra role when he spotted me and chose me for a featured part as a mother of a young child. After we filmed this scene Simon praised me for my performance and asked about my career. I explained that after dropping out of college because of my injury and then becoming a young single mother that it was difficult to know how to get into the industry or what to do. Following this he offered to mentor me, inviting me to his London offices where he explained the basics of how I could make my first steps into the industry. He then invited me to the red carpet premiere of “The Quiet Ones’, which I attended with an actress friend of mine. This was my first proper look at the industry from the inside, it inspired and motivated me so much to follow Simons advice to get into the professional acting world”

Faith went on to work on several small independent short films including playing the supporting actor “girlfriend” in LANDA Pictures “Limbo”, “Wife” in “Back to Film fest” & “Amber” in “One in the Chamber”.

Faith Elizabeth was then cast as lead role of “Adriana” in thriller feature film “White Dreams”. This was a no budget film, written, produced and directed by a young emerging talent “James Hastings”, premiering at the Odeon cinema in Bracknell 2015.

Faith went on to work as more heavily features roles in feature films such as “Photographer” in “Legend” (filming a scene with “Tom Hardy” where her character was taking his photograph with an authentic 1960’s- lightbulb exploding- camera for several days), and playing a drugged and raped “trafficked girl” in Ara Paiaya’s “Hitman in London”. Faith has played numerous featured roles in films and TV series’, including “Eastenders”, “Holby City”, “Delivery Man” and “Call the Midwife”.

A huge honour was bestowed upon Faith Elizabeth when she was cast as “Rebecca” in short film “The Trial of Rebecca Worlock”. This true story, filmed in Bristol, tells of how Rebecca was horrendously abused by her husband. She subsequently decided, in an attempt to protect herself and her children, to poison him.
She was famously known as the last woman to be hung at Gloucester prison.

Following the success of this short film, director Adam James has teamed up with Faith Elizabeth to write a treatment and feature film script for the full length version, titles “End of the Rope”.

Faith has been filming dark comedy period short “Dracula: A Mysteries Afoot” with Deep Scar Productions and a comedy sketch “Not f**king worth it”, filmed with Comedy things recently reached 20,000 views on youtube.