Yes She Cannes

In 2018 Faith Elizabeth founded female empowerment project “Yes She Cannes”. It was launched at Cannes Film Festival 2018, hosting several successful events and sharing the message through poignant and conversation provoking badges, designed by Faith.

Returning back to Cannes Film Festival for 2019, they have a mass photoshoot planned, on the beach, to unite and show support for women in the film industry. Special guest, award winning fashion, art and film photographer, Erica Bergsmeds will be capturing images of those attending in GOLD attire. Representing the theme “worth your weight in GOLD” to celebrate how precious and valuable you are.

NEW for this year, they have also created a HOW-TO guide, with in depth details regarding navigating the festival and our TOP TIPS.

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Faith Elizabeth, UK based Actress and Producer, runs the company alongside director and business partner Jennifer Niejadlik, who is an American Actress and Producer based in Amsterdam.

All information about “Yes She Cannes” can be found on the website:

SHE SQUAD Yes She Cannes photo shoot Sunday 13th May 2018 @ Cannes Film Festival © Huw Jennings