Faith Elizabeth is a Sussex based Actress who begun acting in theatre from a young age, achieving DISTINCTION by  playing the lead role of “Antigone” in “The Oedipus Plays” for a Guild Hall & Trinity performing arts qualification whilst still in school.

Following becoming a mother at 19, Faith officially began her professional acting career in 2013 by gaining valuable on set experience working in featured roles on productions such as playing a “CIA Agent” in “24:LAD”, “handsome kissing couple” in “Endeavour” and a “drunk wedding guest” in “Holy City”.

Faith went on to work on independent short films including playing the supporting actor “girlfriend” in LANDA Pictures “Limbo”, “Wife” in “Back to Film fest” & “Amber” in “One in the Chamber”.

Faith Elizabeth was cast as lead role of “Adriana” in feature film “White Dreams”.

Faith then worked on feature films as featured role of “Photographer” in “Legend”, “Trafficked Girl” in “Hitman in London” & “Party Girl” in “Legacy”.

A huge honour was bestowed upon Faith Elizabeth when she was cast as “Rebecca” in short film “The Trial of Rebecca Worlock”. This true story, filmed in Bristol, tells of how Rebecca was horrendously abused by her husband. She subsequently decided, in an attempt to protect herself and her children, poisoned him. She was famously put on trial for his murder in Bitton. Being found guilty of his murder Rebecca was one of only 8 women to be hung at Gloucester prison.

Following the success of this short film, director Adam James and Faith Elizabeth are working together writing & producing the feature film version “End of the Rope” (working title).

Faith is currently filming dark comedy “Dracula: A Mysteries Afoot” with Deep Scar productions and is about to begin filming on “Not f**king worth it” with Comedy things.

Having worked on numerous more short films, Faith started her production company “Faithful films” in 2017, after becoming inspired from creating her fantasy short film “The Whisperings” for “The Big Brighton Film Challenge”, (which she wrote, produced and starred in). This film, shot from land, sea and sky on 6 different cameras (including 2 drones, 2 underwater cameras and on Brighton beach) went on to screen on “Latest TV” in February and March 2017.

Since “The Whisperings”, Faith wrote, directed, produced and starred in dark comedy “Change of Heart” (currently in post production). Most recently Faith teamed up with award winning filmmaker Patrick Ryder of “Little Glass Films” to produce and star in dark comedy “In Flight” (set entirely on an ex-working aeroplane at “Black Hangar Studios”).

Faithful films are currently developing the script for feature film “Honey”, a romantic action story following a honeytrapping vixen as she seduces unfaithful lovers in an attempt to rectify her haunting the mistakes from the past.

Faithful films are also in pre-production for “The Dinner Date”, base on a true story this romantic comedy follows an unfortunate discovery during an innocent dinner for two.

“I like to keep busy and challenge myself.
I think it’s important to push the boundaries of what people tell us is possible. I hope to get involved in more projects to expand my showreel and gain more valuable experience (so if your casting something, please do get in touch! I won’t bite- hard!)
Thanks again for taking an interest, feel free to have a nosey around!”
Faith Elizabeth


 “Choose a life without Fear. Just Have Faith”